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     During one of our trips to Colombia, traveling through the length and breadth of the country, we have decided to reach the distant Guajira Peninsula, because it was one of the few places that we have not yet discovered in this fascinating country.

    This difficult journey of several hours along the dry riverbeds and dusty rough terrain turned out to be a journey deep inside ourselves. It made us think about our roots and caused many conversations under the starry sky about the differences and similarities between our cultures.

    Artistic craftsmanship - intricate weaving and crocheting, embroidery is a common denominator also for Slavic culture, traditional European folklore, but also the ethno world in general.

    We have spent a lot of time in several local Indigenous settlements, called rancherías - sleeping in hammocks, surrounded by wild  nature experiencing the daily hardships of the Wayuu people.

    No electricity, no Wi-Fi, no regular food supply, no drinking water. The lack of amenities that are the harsh reality of many Wayuu communities  turned out to be one of the most groundbreaking experiences in our lives.

    Although we came to Colombia with mochilas bought there a few years earlier for our own use (we still use them!). This time - we spontaneously spent a significant part of our travel budget to bring all of these masterpieces to Europe. Being a pioneer sometimes costs a lot ... because we had, as never before, huge excess of the luggage.
    We decided to help people in need. Buying bags and jewelry directly from Wayuu women who struggle every day at that time seemed to be the best solution, albeit for a short while. After spontaneous shopping, reflections came. Why can't we constantly help them using our professional experience, which may be crucial in this kind of activity? These were our beginnings ...


    Currently, we regularly work with many Wayuu women - paying in advance for materials and making sure that they have everything they need. Although running a remote company is not the easiest thing in the world, we've made friendships, that ended up in serious, reliable partnerships.

    We have deliberately limited the number of intermediaries - thanks to this decision, we are 100% sure that the money goes directly to artisans  and after covering all the necessary costs associated with running legal business, we can offer our Clients worldwide excellent quality at a price adequate to the amount of work.

    In fact, we offer our Clients the most fair prices in Europe and we also  have pure satisfaction with paying fair wages for the time spent on creating goods, unique designs and talent of our contributors.

    Our craftsmen work at their own pace and decide for themselves - what pattern to crochet and weave, although they are open to listen to our suggestions, when we are in touch with them.
    Inspiration comes from tradition, observation of the environment, mood, nature and dreams. In today's fashion world, having something so special has the highest value.

    The hands of artisans change ordinary materials into luxurious everyday items. We are glad that we can share them with the world.

    The fact that fashion magazines and stars have begun to show interest in Wayuu's &  Embera's artistry can only help us.

    As a socially responsible company, we have developed our own fair trade program and have carried out a number of charity activities over the past few years, taking a step forward in improving the lives of the local communities we work with.


    Seems to look very promising. :) We have invited European artists to cooperate with us who, as part of the creative cooperation of luloplanet , help us create original projects with ethno elements. The manufacture started. The concepts of new handbags  are taking on real shape.
    Check our store regularly, follow our social channels, subscribe to the newsletter, if you wish to follow our actions or learn about the new, attractive proposals that we create for you.

    We have reached the northernmost tip of South America, Punta Gallinas in Alta Guajira, while searching for the most talented creators and the most beautiful designs of mochilas & jewelry for our Clients.

    Marcin's happy face says it all :)