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    If #mochila Wayuu, which you bought from us, got dirty, no worries, there are couple of simple ways to clean it.

    Minor dirt can be delicately removed with a wiper  or sponge and the back should be then left to dry naturally.

    If you use our bag mostly all of the time (which doesn't surprise us at all!:>) and it requires the cleaning, there is nothing simpler! Don't worry, you can wash it in the washing machine.

    However remember about  the basics, please:

    • Wash the bag in the washing machine in cool water using hand wash programs for delicate fabrics such as silk or wool.
    • Use only a mild detergent.  
    • Hang the bag to dry away from direct heat.

    We have been using our own Wayuu bags for many years and washed them many times without compromising their quality. We believe that with proper care you will enjoy using them as long as we do.

    How should you care for leather bags from our limited collections?
    Our Wayuu leather bags are made of excellent quality Italian leather, which our customers value very much, because of their durability and pleasant texture.

    • In case of a minor dirt, you can also gently clean the stain with a wiper or sponge.There are also multiple leather formulations that you can use to clean, moisturize or impregnate them.
    • Take into account, please, that jeans or other heavily dyed materials touching the light leather can cause stains that are difficult to remove.
    • Moisture and excessive heat are harmful for the leather bag - if it gets wet, hang it in a dry, ventilated room and be patient until it is completely dry.

    Other than that, have fun & enjoy wearing our beautiful bags in every occasion!