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    luloplanet is a family company with Slavic & Latin roots, where we combine our fascination in the area of ​​socially responsible business, travel and sustainable fashion.

    We have been importing high-quality handicrafts from the Caribbean and Latin America since 2015.

    We are pioneers of this type of activities in the Central and Eastern Europe region.

    We work directly with local creators with great respect towards their art.

    By developing business relationships, we support micro entrepreneurship among the ethnic communities of Colombia, Venezuela and Panama. We run socially responsible business.

    Recently, we have established the creative cooperative with craftsmen from around the world, which allows us to produce limited collections of unique, luxury accessories.

    We focus on the unique combination of contemporary trends with traditional design.

    Traveling for so many years - having visited so far more than 50 countries together, we have gathered unique experience and positive emotions that accompany us all the time while staying in touch with both Creators and Clients around the world.

    Transforming our passions into business was a natural consequence of lifestyle and career paths.

    For several years, our articles have been regularly published in renown travel magazines in Poland and abroad, among others: National Geographic Traveler, Voyage, All Inclusive. We still cooperate with some of them to this day. In our portfolio you will also find popular in Poland travel guides about the Dominican Republic & the Caribbean.

    If you would like to learn more about our perception of the world, you can follow Caribeya blog (mostly for Polish speakers :). The first post was published there over 11 years ago.

    Travels are the source of constant inspiration for us and the collections we offer are the reflection of it.